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During his school and college days, Nazrul realised clearly that, the poor people could not send their children to distant places for study. The rich people can send their children even to foreign countries for education. The poverty of poor people did not allow them to do so. They do not have enough money to do so. When he was a student, his village had not even a primary school. He had to go the primary school of another Villege. Luckily for him, there was teacher like Amarendranath Pal. The higher secondary school was also at walking distance. But there was no teacher like Amarendranath Pal. So his education was far inferior. The college was 40 kms away, at the district headquarters. His family had no financial ability to arrange his lodging there. So he had to travel long distances every day; and for fare of this travel, he had to work as private tutor. So he could return home only at late hours. He could get the degree. He could not learn as per expectation. From these sufferings, he concluded that, for the education of poor children, there should be schools and colleges near their places of residences.

While still a student of K N College, he convened a meeting of his villagers at Boltala for the establishment of primary school. All agreed that, a primary school was urgently needed. But none was ready to donate the land and money required for the establishment for the school. Nazrul also had no land or money for the same. So the primary school could not be established, even after forming a committee for the same. The village had to wait about twenty more years for the school.

In 1995, Dr Nazrul Islam, then Deputy Commissioner of Police, Special Cell, DD was selected for the prestigious 'Ananda Puruskar' for his book 'Banglay Hindu Musalman Samparka' published by Mitra O Ghosh Publishers in 1994. The award included a plaque, a scroll and rupees one lakh. The very year Nazrul came to his village, convened a meeting of the villagers, formed 'Basantapur Education Society' and donated cash component of rupees one lakh and royalty from his books of rupees one and half a lakh to the society for the establishment of the primary school. This time, about six bighas of land was purchased at a cost of about a lakh rupees and a building was built at about a cost of one and half a lakh rupees. The district council of primary education responded to his request and appointed teachers. The council wanted to know from Dr Islam whether he wanted to name the primary school in the name of some his relatives. He was not inclined to do so. Instead, he pleaded for naming the school in the name of his village. Basantapur Primary School started from 1996. He got it inaugurated by his teacher Amarendranath Pal. It was a memorable day for his life.

Then came the other educational institutions. Following are some of the educational institutions established by the Basantapur Education Society, founded by Dr Nazrul Islam:

  1. Basantapur Primary School,
  2. Dumkal College, Basantapur,
  3. Dumkal STVT,
  4. Dumkal Institute of Engineering & Technology,
  5. Dumkal Polytechnic,
  6. Model School,
  7. Model PTTI,
  8. Education College,
  9. School of Languages,
  10. Career Guidance Circle.

[For details of these institutions visit the website,]

The society has a plan to establish a university and a medical college.It has procured land for both.

It has submitted application to the State Government for allowing him to establish a University at Basantapur. The society has given in writing that, it would not pray for any fund or land from the Government. It will arrange both. It wanted only persmission. The State Government has given such permission to trust of Mumbai to establish a University in the State. But it has yet not permitted BES to start a University.


Basantapur Education Society

Basantapur Education Society (BES) was established in 1995. It is registered under :-

* West Bengal Societies Registration Act
* Income Tax Act
* Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act

Mission And Vision :

Objective : The main aim of the society is the all out development of the area through Education and allied activities like Library, Games & Sports.

Mission And Vision : The main mission of the society is to impart the light of knowledge to every possible corner. Its most important vision is to deliver quality education in all possible ways.

Other Informations

BES runs 12 hostels, 7 for college students, 5 for school students.